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Here is an index of some of the investing tools and dividend growth resources that I’ve found useful in learning about and practicing self-directed investing.

Seeking Alpha is a platform for investment research whose insight is provided by investors and industry experts rather than by sell-side analysts. The site offers a robust dividends and income community, with many articles generating 100’s of comments from readers. Additionally, the site offers portfolio tracking, free conference call transcripts and SEC filing info for publicly traded companies, and some excellent dividend history information under the “key data” tab for individual tickers.

Chowder is the person I consider as the “Godfather” of dividend growth investing on Seeking Alpha. He has only penned a dozen articles on the site, and hasn’t published a new one in more than 6 months, but the discussion that continues in the comments following them is a gold mine for those interested in learning about investing and the stock market. In one truly wants to get to the meat and potatoes of DGI, spend a week or two reading through his over 15,000 comments on the site; you won’t be disappointed.

F.A.S.T. Graphs is the only monthly pay site that I subscribe to, and is the site I probably use more than any other in my own buy decisions for investments. For $9.95 a month you get access to the earnings and dividend history for every publicly traded company as well as analyst earnings estimates and growth projections. It also provides FFO information for REITs and cash flow information for MLP’s. The premium version costs $48 per month and gives you the ability to screen stocks and adds portfolio tools.

Dividend Growth Forum is a message board where investors can hang out and discuss their portfolios, share stock ideas, and discuss the general market. It’s a nice place to post your thoughts and bounce ideas off of other investors or ask any questions about investments.

The U.S. Dividend Champions List can be found HERE, and is the go-to source in finding all of the top dividend growth stocks in the market. Seeking Alpha contributor David Fish maintains and posts monthly updates to the spreadsheet, which groups dividend growth into Champions (25+ years of dividend growth), Contenders (10-24 years), and Challengers (5-9 years). The spreadsheets also contains a ton of other important information like growth rates, debt metrics, payout ratios, earnings projections, and payout dates.

Dividend Channel has an excellent DRIP Returns Calculator that shows what your total returns would be by investing through different time periods with individual stocks, and allows you to compare those results with the different market benchmarks: DOW, S&P, and NASDAQ.

Dividend Growth Info is a website run by Roadmap2Retire that keeps a running spreadsheet of dividend increases declared by different companies and also publishes a weekly summary of the those announcements. An excellent resource to help keep up with new information.

Robert Allen Schwartz’s tessellation website is an excellent site that shows which companies have been the best dividend growers through the decades. It includes all of the companies from David Fish’s Champions List and provides several different views on historical growth rates and which have produced the longest steaks of growth rates. It also provides a historical archive of the U.S. Dividend Champions spreadsheets for users.

The Single Best Investment is the book that first got me interested in the dividend growth strategy. It provides an excellent summary of how investing in high quality and predictable businesses and then letting the compounding work as your dividends grow is a better path to wealth than speculating on earnings and focusing on capital gains.

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