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DGI for the DIY: 2018 Dividend Income Progress Report

Hello everyone, I hope the new year is treating you well. My apologies on the long absence from the blog, it’s been way too long since I’ve written an update on the portfolio. This is the first post made on the site since September, so it feels great to get back in the saddle once again.

I keep hoping that I’ll find more time for writing on investments and my portfolio, but it’s becoming apparent that more limited time is my new reality. With a full-time job and three young kiddos at home, I’m finding that it’s not just the busyness of life that keeps increasing, but also the exhaustion at the end of the day from keeping up with it all. Maybe it has something to do with turning 40 in the fall; but those midnight writing sessions just don’t come as easy as they used to!

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September Update: Squirreling Away 10% Higher Dividends

My apologies for the delayed update, it’s been a crazy month at both work and home, limiting my free time to do much writing of late. I also needed to get my Q3 portfolio update finished up before we got too far into Q4, and that was published on Seeking Alpha last Friday.

With that article out-of-the-way, I figured I’d get an update on the September income put together before October closes out.

September was another successful month for the portfolio, as dividend income rose by 10% over 2016 levels. This increase came through a combination of organic dividend growth, dividend reinvestment, and new cash contributions to the account.

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5 Dividend Growth Predictions For October

My favorite part of dividend growth investing is declaration day, the day when a new dividend rate is announced by one of the companies I own. People generally get one raise per year at work, but with a portfolio of 53 stocks, I average better than one income increase a week!

I keep a log of all the dividend growth announcements made by companies held in my portfolio going back to the beginning of 2013. By doing so I am able to see when each company announces their new dividend rates, and decide if there is a trend on when those new rates are declared.

October brings five companies to my attention who are likely to announce higher dividends. I will look at each of those stocks below, and give the reasoning behind my predictions for the new dividend rates.

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