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5 Dividend Growth Predictions For October

My favorite part of dividend growth investing is declaration day, the day when a new dividend rate is announced by one of the companies I own. People generally get one raise per year at work, but with a portfolio of 53 stocks, I average better than one income increase a week!

I keep a log of all the dividend growth announcements made by companies held in my portfolio going back to the beginning of 2013. By doing so I am able to see when each company announces their new dividend rates, and decide if there is a trend on when those new rates are declared.

October brings five companies to my attention who are likely to announce higher dividends. I will look at each of those stocks below, and give the reasoning behind my predictions for the new dividend rates.

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4 Stocks With September Dividend Increases

Announcements Quicken After Summer Lull

Dividend growth investing is the strategy of buying shares in companies with reliable and consistently increasing dividend payouts to shareholders.

I have used this strategy since early 2013, and have kept a log of all the dividend increase announcements in my portfolio since its inception. By doing so, I am able to see which companies I own announce new dividends on which dates, and see if there is any pattern to the announcements over the years.

I have found that there is typically a lull in announcements made during the summer months, with most announcements made in either quarter surrounding the New Year. This makes intuitive sense, as companies are generally declaring new rates at the end of either their fiscal or the calendar year.

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