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DGI For The DIY: January Dividend Income Update

The Super Bowl is now over, which means the month of January has come to a close. Being a life-long Minnesota Vikings fan, this also means the inevitable disappointment that comes at the end of another NFL season.

By now I am pretty used to it, and will admit that the losses have become easier to accept as I’ve gotten older. I guess when your expectations are low, and you expect the bottom to fall out, when it finally does it isn’t as painful as when you are a child and expecting greatness.

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How I Grew My October Dividend Income By 19.9%

The DGI For The DIY portfolio was built to provide me with a growing dividend income stream that will eventually help fund my retirement.

The portfolio continues to do as it was designed by producing a steady increase in dividend payments over the course of the year.

October continued this trend, as the dividend income earned was 19.9% higher than that received in October of 2016.

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Education Center Added

Just giving a quick update that I have begun construction of an “Education Center” that will cover some of the basic questions of Dividend Growth Investing.

Thus far I have the topics “Portfolio Weighting“, “Dividend Reinvestment“, and “Yield Vs. Growth“.

I am also planning on adding “Stock Selection” and “Portfolio Construction” pages, but thought I’d also open it up to readers as well to see if they can think of other important topics that should be covered.

As of now I am just populating these different topics with articles that I have personally written, but as time goes on I also plan to add articles from other authors from Seeking Alpha and other sites as I come across them.

Do you have any MUST READ articles in your bookmarks that you think would be worthwhile to others? If so, please share in the comments below and I will consider them for addition.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!


About D.G.I. For The D.I.Y.

Hello, this is Eric Landis, creator of DGIfortheDIY.com.  I am a professional engineer who has developed a passion for investing in the stock market. As a result, I’ve decided to share my thoughts on the subject, first on Seeking Alpha, and now with a personal investment website.

I’m in my late 30’s, married, and have three kids of age 5 and under. In that respect, I think I’m in a similar situation to many other investors out there who want to save for retirement and my kids’ education, and to do so in an intelligent and conservative manner.

As one would expect, with a growing family I don’t have much for extra cash to invest in the market, but I’m still able to scrap together enough for a $500 investment in my retirement account every few months. My experience shows that even with just a few hundred dollars a month, you can still be successful in building a portfolio of individual companies.

When I first started investing in individual stocks I didn’t have a plan or method of stock selection, and as a result ended up with a hodgepodge of “hot” and “story” stocks as well as speculative energy and materials companies. Needless to say, that didn’t turn out all that well for me.

However, in early 2013 I came across Seeking Alpha and began reading about the Dividend Growth Investing strategy, or DGI for short. Soon later I sold out of my mutual funds and speculative stocks and jumped headfirst into the world of dividend paying companies, and built a 50 stock portfolio that I continue to write about to this day.

D.G.I. for the D.I.Y. is my attempt to share what I have learned about investing in dividend growth companies, and to teach others who are interested in taking control of their portfolios to focus on the growing income stream that they can provide.

My goal is to create a site chocked full of info about the top dividend growth companies in the market, and a resource base where investors can learn about some of the important metrics they should be looking at when selecting them for their portfolios.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Investing!


A Summary Of The Top 45 Holdings Of Dividend ETFs

I thought I would share what I thought was an excellent article put together by FerdiS [DivGro] and published on Seeking Alpha last week.

Top Holdings Of Dividend ETFs collected data of the Top 25 holdings from 27 different ETFs and provided a breakdown of the most held dividend growth stocks from the bunch. Even further, he also broke down the weighting of each company among the ETFs and also provided a sector by sector summary of the companies.

The discussion that followed the article in the comments section is also well worth reading as many of the other popular Seeking Alpha authors weighed in.

Looking at the breakdown, I currently own 17 of the top 30, and have many of the others on my watch lists. So this was a positive confirmation for me that I am on the right track with my selections.

Well done Ferdi!

Watch List Archive Is Now Populated

Hello all!

I’ve been burning the midnight oil and am  beginning to make progress on getting content added to the site. Tonight I finished creating an archive of the different sector-based watch list articles that I’ve published on Seeking Alpha. These can be found under the “Watch Lists” pull-down menu at the top of the site.

Additionally, I populated the “My Portfolio” section with links to all of the quarterly updates for my public DGI portfolio.

Next up I plan to begin putting together a list of articles covering the “DGI Basics” such as dividend reinvestment, portfolio construction, sector weighting, and yield vs. growth.

I also hope to add several more sites under the “DGI Resources” section. If anyone has a favorite website they feel is a “must-have” for that section, I’d love to hear about it.

Merry Christmas!


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Hello world!


Welcome to D.G.I. for the D.I.Y., a new blog dedicated to Do-It-Yourself, Dividend Growth Investors.

In the coming days and weeks I will be adding content to the site and work towards building a library of information relevant to the Dividend Growth Investing methodology.

Some content I look forward to sharing are my personal, sector-based watch lists covering the best dividend paying companies in the stock market. I also plan to create an organized outlay of some of the articles I’ve written about on DGI.

I will also create an index of my favorite educational articles from some of the top writers on Seeking Alpha and elsewhere, as well as links to some of my favorite sites I use in my own research.

Finally, I hope to write frequent updates about dividend news from some of my favorite stocks, and share my ideas on possible good buys in the market.

I’m excited about the potential for this site, and hope it comes close to meeting my expectations. My goal is to create the “go-to” site for self-directed individuals interested in learning about Dividend Growth Investing.

Best wishes,