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DGI For The DIY: May Dividend Update

Hello and welcome to another monthly update on the DGI For The DIY portfolio, I hope you all are having a happy spring.

Catching Sunfish
Proud of his Sunfish

Considering we had snow on the ground until late April, my family was busy in May enjoying every minute we could of the warm weather.

Bike rides, T-ball, fishing, hiking, family vacations…we pretty much tried them all.

With all that activity, investments and blogging have once again been put on the back-burner, but I’m totally fine with that.

Watching Mt. Rushmore
Checking up on Mt. Rushmore

Dividends are great and all, but they are no comparison to the reward of hearing the excitement in your son’s voice as he lands his first sunfish. And then hearing equal excitement as he lands a half-dozen more.

He thought Mt. Rushmore was pretty great too, and he got his money’s worth out of the $3 binoculars his mom found for him at Target.

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July Income Update: Fishing For Dividend Growth

It’s been a crazy busy summer in the household, so my apologies for the limited number of posts on the site of late. Between T-ball, swimming lessons, high school reunions, family vacations, ¬†and everything else, the weeks have really been flying by.

It seems like I just finished up the June portfolio update, and here we sit a week and a half into August already and I’m just getting the July report put together.

However, despite the lack of free time to manage my portfolio, it continues to chug along just fine on its own. Dividend income in the portfolio grew by 16.7% over 2016, and the July totals put me over $1,100 in dividends collected so far in 2017.

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