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2017’s Top Ten Utilities For Dividend Growth And Income

My latest coverage of the utility sector was posted on Seeking Alpha, highlighting my Top Ten picks for 2017.

The sector as a whole remains quite expensive on a historical basis, with 27 of the 30 companies trading at least 10% above my “fair value” estimate. Nonetheless, there are still a few companies worth a look, especially for those looking investors looking specifically for income.

For quick reference, here is the list of the Top Ten, as well as the valuation and projection spreadsheets from the article.

A list of my top ten utility stocks for dividend growth and income for 2017.
Valuation Spreadsheet
Income and total return projections.

Finally, here is the article:

2017’s Top Ten Utility Stocks For Dividend Growth And Income


2 thoughts on “2017’s Top Ten Utilities For Dividend Growth And Income”

  1. First, congrats on the new site! I’m bookmarking it.
    Second, great article…thanks for the information.
    Third, I just bought some NEE the other day and I let a class of young adults decide on which to purchase out of NEE and D. I need to do an article on it, most of them had no clue what a stock actually is.


    1. Chad,

      Thanks for the kind words and for leaving my first comment on the site. I really like NEE as well and if I can get a pullback on it will likely be adding it to my portfolio.

      I agree about the lack of knowledge about the stock market, but I think that exists across all generations and isn’t something exclusive to the millennials. I’m hoping blogs like ours can play a small part in educating people and taking away some of the mystique of the market.

      Best wishes,


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