A Summary Of The Top 45 Holdings Of Dividend ETFs

I thought I would share what I thought was an excellent article put together by FerdiS [DivGro] and published on Seeking Alpha last week.

Top Holdings Of Dividend ETFs collected data of the Top 25 holdings from 27 different ETFs and provided a breakdown of the most held dividend growth stocks from the bunch. Even further, he also broke down the weighting of each company among the ETFs and also provided a sector by sector summary of the companies.

The discussion that followed the article in the comments section is also well worth reading as many of the other popular Seeking Alpha authors weighed in.

Looking at the breakdown, I currently own 17 of the top 30, and have many of the others on my watch lists. So this was a positive confirmation for me that I am on the right track with my selections.

Well done Ferdi!

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